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Nullius in verba


Description :

Unique edition in platinum palladium: 

- work composed of three parts cut from a single sheet of paper 76 x 56 cm / 29.9 x 22 inches
SKU: Charb0519 available for shipment within 2 to 3 business days
Unique work signed and numbered

This unique work is printed in platinum-palladium, a photographic printing process by direct contact of a digital duplicate on a photosensitive layer made from a mixture of platinum and palladium salts. Requiring very advanced know-how and highly specialized equipment, this ultra premium process not only offers exceptional visual rendering but also a unique "feel", close to that of an engraving. In terms of durability, it is also the most efficient photographic printing technique.

This exceptional print is executed on Arches paper® Platinum, a pure cotton art paper crafted in a round shape. Specially developed for platinum-palladium photographic prints, the 310 g / m2 paper is pure white without optical brighteners. It has a very soft satin grain and offers excellent storage performance. 

The print is hand-signed by the artist, lower right. Each of the three parts of the work is also signed on the back by the artist. The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued exclusively by Nullius in verba.

NB: Delivery is free. We ship worldwide.
Print shipped unframed. For this work, the average shipping time is 2 to 3 working days from our studio based in France.


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